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D-Geo Flow

D-Geo Flow

D-Geo Flow is specifically designed for the calculation of groundwater flow in permeable soil. As an integral component of the Embankment Suite, D-Geo Flow's calculated water pressures can significantly contribute to an accurate stability and settlement analysis. In addition, D-Geo Flow is capable of determining the critical head necessary for backwards erosion piping calculations.


The installer, user manual, and release notes are available for download at the bottom of this page.


The GEOLib Python interface can be accessed on the GEOLib Github repository.


For updates on new releases and events, please visit the Deltares OSS Embankment website:


To receive updates directly, please subscribe to the D-GEO Suite newsletter here:


Warning: D-Geo Flow allows for a non-horizontal pipe trajectory. Growth of a pipe under non-horizontal conditions is not validated and the influence of gravity under the slope is not taken into account. We strongly advice to use horizontal pipes for assessment purposes.


Note: a prototype version was released in 2017. It is still available upon request in case you want to open an old project, please contact

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  • D-Geo Flow 2024.01 Installer, User Manual and Release Notes

    D-GEO Suite | Software Installation | 62.98 MB | 214 downloads

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