Delft3D 4 Suite (4.04.02) GUI - Deltares OSS

Delft3D 4 Suite (4.04.02) GUI - Deltares OSS

Pre-compiled GUI package available on request

As long as the Delft3D 4 Suite graphical user interface (GUI) is not available in open source, we are happy to offer you a pre-compiled version free of charge. The package consists of installers for the GUI and pre- and post-processing tools as well as various manuals and tutorials.
The latest pre-compiled version of the Delft3D 4 GUI is available for Windows 64-bit only.


To be able to use this pre-compiled distribution...

  • You have to install the DS_Flex License Manager
  • You need a license file (you will get this with the GUI package download below)
  • You (still) need to manually download and compile the source code of the Open Source FLOW, MOR and WAVE, and/or Water Quality computational kernels.
  • Delft3D 4.04.01 (and higher) only works in combination with source code revision 8037 (and higher)
    Delft3D 4.03.99 (and lower) only works in combination with source code revision 8036 (and lower)
    See also the Delft3D-FLOW release notes


Please note that this package only contains the pre-compiled GUIs and tools that are associated with the Delft3D 4 computational kernels, not the kernels themselves. In order to make full use of the Delft3D 4 Suite, you'll need to manually download the source code of the Delft3D 4 computational kernels from the download page at the Delft3D Open Source Community site and compile them yourself. You will find detailed instructions there as well.


How to obtain a GUI package

To receive this GUI package and a license file valid for one year, please add the Delft3D 4 GUI package to your shopping cart and fill out the form. You will receive an e-mail with two download links for the requested installation package and license file.


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