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Deltares is happy to provide (remote) support to users of our software products. To make use of our support service, generally, a service package for the your software product is required. To prevent unexpected invoicing, please make sure you are entitled to support.

Our Support Team uses TeamViewer as the mainstream product to provide the remote support.TeamViewer is an intuitive, fast and secure web-based application for remote control. It enables ad-hoc remote support features and provides the possibility to take control of the remote platform. Authorization by the remote user is, of course, necessary.



To run TeamViewer, please follow these step-by-step instructions:


  • Please click here to download TeamViewer QuickSupport
  • TeamViewerQS.exe will be downloaded to your computer and appear in the download bar (default: at the bottom of your browser screen).
  • When you are in contact with our support team, open TeamViewerQS.exe to start TeamViewer. Provide us the displayed ID and password to start the session


By viewing the actions by the Support Team you will see and learn how we solve your ‘issue’, so that next time maybe you can fix it yourself (depending on issue type). In order to set up a TeamViewer connection, you will need to download and install the TeamViewer QuickSupport tool. A full installation of TeamViewer is not necessary. You do not need Admin rights on your computer to use TeamViewer. Consult your IT department if the use of the application is nevertheless prevented.


Support Team Members

Support Team Members

Melvin UtermöhlenNiels BorsboomPiet VerdoornSonny de Wit